We work with the best sports teams
in America. Together, we always win.


Top restaurants use our services for incredible campaigns
that visibly increase revenue.


Unique, refreshing campaigns and
events that take your hotel or resort
to customer acquisition paradise.


Make a hole in one with our innovative
marketing solutions that the nation’s
top golf courses crave.

Growth and Expansion is the Aim of the Game

Emire, Inc. uses our expertise and energy to create imaginative solutions for our prestigious clients.

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The Driving Force behind Business Expansion

In order to help businesses expand their operation, we craft unique in-person advertising campaigns that use consumer incentives to secure leads for our clients.

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Emire, Inc.’s Extensive Client Portfolio

We’ve achieved excellent customer acquisition for some of the most well respected companies within the hospitality, automotive, catering and entertainment industries.

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Begin your own Journey to Success with Emire, Inc.

Emire, Inc. believes in investing in a positive, upbeat, encouraging work environment where we’re all part of a cohesive team all working toward a common goal.

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Emire, Inc. Brings Customer Loyalty to Businesses

As the Midwest’s No. 1 direct marketing firm for sports and entertainment brands, Emire, Inc. focuses on bringing customers to the doors of our clients. Operating out of Kansas City, we use innovative solutions for creating connections between companies and consumers that ensure major sports, travel, hospitality, catering, and other clients enjoy a customer base that keeps on returning for more. Emire, Inc. brings customer loyalty to businesses and produces amazing bottom-line benefits for all to see.
We employ target-orientated methods that help our clients to reach specific demographics through in-person events. We work closely with our clients to develop customized strategies that are both measurable and adaptable according to the individual needs of each business for maximum customer acquisition with the least disruption at the client’s end. This flexibility allows us to collaborate with businesses of all sizes, and at all stages of their development – we can help any business grow.

Modern Advertising Explains How to be a More Decisive Leader

At Emire, Inc., we know the importance of having strong, decisive leaders. They account for much of our success within the company. Unfortunately, there are some business leaders who do not yet have the skills to become a successful decision-maker. To assist them, we are talking...
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Emire, Inc. Finds Better Ways to Utilize the Long Weekend

With July 4th upon us some of us will get to enjoy a long three-day weekend. Look into better ways to use that long weekend to your productive advantage! Planning ahead for a three-day weekend is important because you don’t want to squander the relatively rare opportunity...
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Emire, Inc. Examines Hard Lessons When Achieving Success

It seems logical that if you go to a good school, you work hard, and you stay positive, you’ll become successful. But the truth is that life is a whole lot more complicated than that. Emire, Inc. took a few notes from this featured article on some of the hard lessons that...
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Emire Inc. Goes to Chicago for Training on new AT&T Account

Emire Inc. recently acquired AT&T as a new telecommunications client, an account we are very excited to take on! We believe that when we sign prestigious clients like this one, it’s a testament to our effectiveness as a promotional marketing firm and therefore a reason for...
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Emire Inc. Continues to Promote From Within

Emire Inc. is proud to announce several promotions from within our company. Our corporate culture is one that encourages and rewards hard work and dedication, and these advancing professionals reflect that commitment. Five members of our team will be moving up to new positions,...
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PRESS RELEASE: Emire Inc. Prepares for Campaigns with KC Royals and AT&T

OVERLAND PARK, KS – Emire Inc., a fast-growing promotional marketing firm in Kansas, is gearing up for campaigns for two of their most prestigious clients, the Kansas City Royals and telecommunications giant, AT&T. Emire Inc. has already begun work on the campaign for the KC...
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Emire Inc. Honors American Military Heroes on Memorial Day

Emire Inc. president Benjamin Aldous hosted a Memorial Day barbecue at his house, and the company gathered to honor American soldiers and to celebrate recent achievements. Team members feasted on steaks, salmon, chicken wings, stuffed jalapenos, and more. To work off the Snickers...
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Emire Inc. May Happy Customers

Emire Inc. is highlighting our happiest customers for the month of May. We love meeting new people and learning about their lives. It is the best way to enhance our customer service skills and build amazing relationships with each and every one of them!        
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Emire Inc. Grows From Within

Emire Inc. fosters an atmosphere in which motivated and hard-working professionals can achieve upward mobility. The company is pleased to announce that five of its talented team members have recently been promoted to new positions. Each of these skilled and dedicated individuals...
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